Meet Our Family

Our Family

Mummy - (That's me that is!)

I am a 28 year old Mummy to my two little loves. I am married to Joe and we live in a small village in Northamptonshire. My loves have changed over the years but I will always enjoy a nice cup of Tea, Photography, summer evenings and good Cake. 

Late For Reality is my 'window to the world' where I blog about my life, my loves and my experiences. I always try to be honest with my blogging and hope I show all aspects of parenting not just the good stuff...because parenting is not always easy!

Daddy -  Joe

I met gaming mad Joe when we were at primary school and although we moved to different parts of the country we got back together when we were about 19 and have been together since! I am so proud to call myself his wife and our path to get to where we are now hasn't been easy but we tackled it together like we do in all aspects of family life. The feather on my blog alongside all of my other loves belongs to Joe. He got a feather tattooed on his arm following his cancer treatment in 2016, feathers to him symbolise flight and new beginnings.

Ted -The 4 Year Old 

In December 2012 this tiny bundle of poop, wind and spit up came hurtling into our lives in the most dramatic way possible. After a shocker of a labour we discovered the only way was up and what an amazing few of years it has been! Our beautiful little man truly amazes me every day and made me realise what I was put on Earth to do. He is one of the funniest most energetic children I have ever known. His strong will and determination means he is always looking for the next thing to learn, from the day he discovered how to walk the whole world has been his playground! He is also sweet, caring and sensitive and loves his little Sister to bits. Named after a character from How I Met Your Mother, fans will get the reference when I say he is our random little Pineapple!

What Ted Said is a series of posts documenting the random ramblings of a toddler and some of them are brilliant!

Callie (The little one)

In November 2016 Callie joined us and our little family was finally complete. Our journey towards our second child wasn't an easy one and some may call her a Rainbow baby but to us she is just our little girl

She was born via a successful VBAC following Ted's emergency caesarian delivery and came into the world in just 2 hours! A bundle of smiles and happiness, she has completed our family and is the start of our next big adventure...our little Hot Air Balloon.

Being a Mother isn't easy but it is the best experience in the world and an awfully big adventure! If you would like myself, Joe or our tiny testers to try out any products please contact me here.


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