About Me

This is me!
Jade McDonald
Blog Jockeys, that’s what I called you in the early days. Back when I was just me living a carefree life with my boyfriend. Well the boyfriend became a husband and two children have come along for the ride. Since 2010 Late For Reality has gone from some random ramblings to a well established parenting blog. I have worked with some amazing brands, met some incredible people and learnt enough to make social media management my career!

In 2018 my focus has shifted and Late For Reality is no longer just about my journey into parenthood but about my journey into the future. Over the past 2 years a whole heap of stuff has happened, life threw our family some pretty awful curve balls and although I rode out the storm I lost part of myself along the way.

I took a break from blogging in 2017 and focused on myself. I joined Slimming World managing a weight loss of nearly 3 stone in a year. I also took a leap of faith and got myself a new job which I love. It was the steps I needed to take towards a happier future. I am now firmly back in the driving seat. Yes, still a Mumma, certainly still a wife but most importantly still Me!

It is time to start embracing moments and making memories along the way!