Saturday, 21 December 2013

Asda Christmas Review

This Christmas Asda have exceeded themselves with their festive range. They have it all, from twinkling Christmas Tree's to tasty turkeys and hundreds of wonderful gifts for your favourite people!
Some of my favourites include...

This little festive clothing garland, we actually have a similar elf washing line in our home which is so sweet.

Festive Clothing Peg Garland 
            This Stag gift wrap is fab! I am a huge fan of the Nordic style at Christmas and our whole tree is decorated in red and white.

Stag Gift Wrap- 5m

Now for some presents to put in the paper. Asda have a huge selection of gifts and stocking fillers. 

This gorgeous keyring is only £1.50.
Keyring or Handbag Charm

Asda are also teamed up with Little Tikes and have lots of gifts for your own Little Tikes! 

Our much loved Mini Mechanic set is only £15.

As kids I remember receiving a Terry's Chocolate Orange every year from my Auntie and Uncle. Well I have some news for your Terry! There is a new chocolate orange in town! 

These Chocolate Clementines are delicious! They may not be one of your five a day but they sure as hell should be!

Christmas morning in my family was always a time for treats, the kind of breakfast treats you don't get any other day of the year. We would have delicious egg. bacon and sausage triple decker sandwiches on toasted bread or deliciously rich french toast with golden syrup. 

These Star Waffles would fit in perfectly with our Christmas breakfast and what a magical way to start the day!

Nip down to your local Asda to add some finishing touches to your Christmas!

*I was sent some samples of the Asda Christmas range for review purposes but all opinions are my own.

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