Thursday, 28 November 2013

Win a £5000 Wrenovation with Wren Living!

The Wren Way

I love how much you all love competitions so I wanted to share one I came across recently. I have lived in 3 rental properties and have always dreamt of my own home that we could do up exactly how we wanted it. Wren Living are running a competition to win £5000 to Wrenovate your home!

If I owned this house I would Wrenovate my Kitchen/Living Room. Replacing the carpets and fitting a new kitchen! 

What would you spend your £5000 on?

You have just 3 days left to enter so whizz over to the competition page here

Wren Living have stores nationwide selling everything you need to renovate your house from top to bottom so why not pop in store and start planning your dream home! 

That's The Wren Way

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