Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Why We Won't Be Sending Cards This Christmas

Why We Won't Be Sending Cards This Christmas

Every year its the same,
We get an envelope addressed with our name
Sealed with a lick and a stamp applied
Its a red envelope but whats inside? 

A piece of paper folded in  half
A festive image that makes us laugh
A message inside wishing festive cheer
It happens the same time every year.

Now don't get me wrong I am not a Scrooge
The place in my heart for Christmas is huge
But I think that paper cards are a waste
Many of the messages they just copy and paste.

This year we want to send love and laughter 
And wishes of a great new year thereafter
We love you all so very much
We just don't need a card to get in touch.

So if you want to send us any cards
With your best wishes and kind regards
We will love them because they are from you
But we are sorry we won't be sending one too.

So in conclusion we want to say 
Just because we aren't sending a card your way
Does not mean we love you any less
We just want to save the postman some stress! 


  1. Go virtual and pop a photo of Ted on Facebook and tag everyone in! Job done!

  2. Fab!! What a great poem!! That is exactly how I feel about Christmas cards too!!

  3. I don't think we'll be sending cards either! I think they are a waste of time too haha!

    Kerry @ Lived With Love | Mummy, fashion & lifestyle blog


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