Tuesday, 5 November 2013


A few weeks back I had the pleasure of attending a meal hosted by a fantastic company called Tiny Me. Myself and some fellow bloggers were invited to enjoy good food, learn about the company and sample some of their products. 

It was a nice excuse to dress up and have a night out meeting new people, as most Mum's know this is not something that we get time for very often so it was quite a treat!

All dressed up!
I had a fantastic evening and love the company and their beautiful personalised products. 
 I thought I would share what is always my favourite part of any evening...the food! 

Moules Mariniere, Crumble, Steak, Borderlaise,

So, who are Tinyme?

Take 3 Men,14 Children, 1 spare room 
and one fantastic brand motto
 Geek + Cute = YAY. 

Tinyme, formally called Mooo.com started out in their founder Mike's spare bedroom and has grown into a  unique and totally adorable company with a passion that shows in its products.

Geek + Cute = YAY. is their story and I believe they have nailed it!

Their products have fantastic designs, many can be customised and most importantly they are strong and well made. From bags to jigsaws, personalised cards and diaries the range is huge and all combined with sweet characters and art work.

I particularly love the wall stickers because unlike most they are fully transferable and can be reused over and over again without damaging your walls or loosing their stickiness!

Wall Art, Lighthouse, Boats, Bathroom, Tinyme

Here is our lovely lighthouse wall art in our bathroom which was super easy to apply and doesn't get effected by the steam from the bath.

I can't wait to share many more of Tinyme's products with you, keep your eyes peeled for lots more wonderful products in the future! 

You can see the full range at www.tinyme.co.uk

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