Thursday, 28 November 2013

My 11 Month Old

I have been so caught up in work and juggling day to day life that a lot of Ted's developmental stages have come and gone without me even getting a chance to tell you all about them!

This did make me feel a little sad but then I realised that I have been experiencing these firsts which is much more important than blogging about them. 

However I know that you all love hearing how little man is coming along so here are a couple of exciting new things he has learnt recently. (I will do a proper update in a couple of weeks when my little baby boy turns 1!)

We have had a few words including Mum, Dad and Peppa (Bebba) but his latest one is Adam...not sure who Adam is but AAAAAAAhhhhhDummmmm is all I get at the moment! 
We also have Mam (Dan, my sister Danielle) Ack (Jack, my brother) and Om Nom and yes it is literally said like that!

I was beginning to feel concerned about Ted's speech as friends children of similar ages are much more vocal than him but this week he has really started to babble so I think he is just taking his time. 

We have 8 teeth now! 2 more popped through this morning with next to no teething issues besides being a bit clingy at the childminders. 

I have managed to miss many of little mans first steps. He walked from my Dad to my Sister at Halloween and has since taken a few steps at the childminders but I think he must be saving his proper walk for least I hope he is! 

I have been feeling a bit lost with Ted lately, he is not a cuddly baby. When he hurts himself he will cry but will not let me comfort him, resorting to pushing and punching my chest until I put him
down. He then continues to cry until I am able to distract him. This has made me feel really helpless.

I find myself stealing cuddles and love when
he is asleep or watching the TV!

He also shows no reaction whatsoever when I walk in the door from work and when I collected him from the childminders last week he tried to get away from me and go to her assistant! 

It breaks my heart, I desperately want him to come crawling over to me and plant a big kiss on my cheek like he does when Daddy collects him. 

I keep being reassured that I am the most important person in his life and that he does love me even if he chooses not to show it but I just long for the day when he can tell me he loves me back! 

Back to developments, Ted eats anything and everything now and we have decided to start him on cows milk which he wolfs down! He really is a fantastic eater and I never need to worry about fussiness. 

I am finding him waking at around 3-4am most nights and just waking and shouting but I settle him back down and he sleeps through until morning. We are very lucky he is a good sleeper and I definitely need the sleep I am getting! 

Teds favourite toys at the moment are his Little Tikes Kitchen, his shape sorter and as usual his books which he loves and even uses his index finger to turn the pages.

Only two weeks until my baby boy turns 1 and I am excited to see what he has in store for us!


  1. My lovely little grandson :) Mummies do sometimes get taken for granted, don't let it worry you. Ted adores you xxx

  2. He is so gorgeous Jade, look at those eyes :-)

  3. Aw bless him. I wouldn't worry too much about him not being the most cuddly. Perhaps it's a phase, or perhaps he's just not got that type of personality at the moment. He gets to see his Mummy all of the time and there's a big wide world to explore. You are his number one and will be for many many many years to come. :) Alex x


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