Saturday, 23 November 2013

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

This year I have been better behaved than ever!

I have tried my best to be a good mother, teaching Ted lots of new things and making sure he knows how loved he is.

I have gone back to work which is hard but needed to be done. 

I have continued to make new friends and progress with my blog which has made me very proud of myself. 

I have also become a first aider so that I can help other people if needed! 

For these reasons I really hope you bring me a little gift this Christmas! 

I would love...

A hamper full of lovely treats to get me through those cold winter days.

For my landlord to bump his head and decide our house needs some much needed new carpets.

A sewing machine to make decorations for next year! 

I hope you and the elves aren't burning the candle at both ends!

Have a wonderful Christmas and please don't forget to visit our house as I know a little man who loved meeting you this week at the Little Tikes play date! 

Lots of Love From,

Aged 25
From Northampton

P.s Am I correct in thinking Mince Pies are overrated and you want to be left out a Mojito and Steak and Chips this year? *Winks* 

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  1. ha ha! this actually made me lol, brilliant! i think you definitely deserve a present this year. let us all know what you get !! x


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