Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Helping your baby settle at night with Ewan the Dream Sleep

When a family member mentioned Ewan the Sheep to me Ted was tiny. I didn't have much of a need for it as he has slept through the night from 3 months and before that he only woke for his night feeds. We found ourselves getting used to having full nights sleep on a regular basis and I must admit we took it for granted. That was until recently...

Ted had been under the weather for a couple of weeks with an ear infection and we found ourselves waking 3 times a night to a restless unhappy boy. He would pull on his ears and thrash his head from side to side, not crying but just generally upset. 

We tried giving him medicine, sitting beside him and taking him out for a cuddle but none of these things worked.  He even slept in his travel cot for a few nights because it was the only place he would sleep but that really wasn't practical.  We decided we had been quite spoilt and that perhaps his full nights sleep were over...

That was until few weeks ago when we went to The Baby Show. While there we met the lovely team at Sweet Dreamers and got to see Ewan the Sheep for ourselves. My first impression was that this was a rather cute simple cuddly toy. That was until we squeezed his legs...

A tiny orange light began to glow from his heart and a faint sound of a heartbeat started. A sound I remember from my ultra-sound scans when I was pregnant, the soothing sound from the inside of a mothers womb! 
Sweet Dreamers, Ewan The Dream Sheep, Baby, Nightlight, Comforter
Ewans glowing heart!

We went on to squeeze his other 3 legs to find more soothing noises including rainfall, white noise and a beautiful lullaby. All of these accompanied by that all important heartbeat. I fell in love instantly and decided that if Ted didn't like him then Ewan would come into our room to help us sleep! 

Fortunately for us Ted loved him just as much as we did. We popped him in the cot and attached his little Velcro tail to the bars. The first night, we tucked in our little man, snuggled him up and turned on Ewan. Instantly a wonderful faint orange glow filled Teds room and the lullaby began to play. 

The sounds can be set to last 20 minutes but before Ewan could finish his final chime our little man was fast asleep!

There is only one sheep Ted needs to count now!

Ewan has remained in Teds cot for a week now and we have had plenty of sleep and even had to wake him 3 mornings in a row! 

I am so pleased that Ted feels comforted and I really would recommend this for all parents. Ewan costs £29.99 and for how much sleep we got in return I would happily pay that and more! 

We also received a mini Ewan Snuggly which you can buy for alone or as a set with the full sized Ewan. It is a little comforter that can attach to prams, car seats or to your childs dummy.

To find out more about the Sweet Dreamers products visit www.sweetdreamers.co.uk

Goodnight Ted, Sweet Dreams

*We were sent Ewan The Sheep for the purpose of an honest review. All opinions are my own

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