Saturday, 9 November 2013

Glue Gun Fun!

Today I decided to crack out my favourite birthday glue gun! I remember using these at school and as I plugged it in all those warnings from my primary school teachers came flooding back "that glue is very very hot!".

They were right its like molten glue but damn its fun! As the gun heated up the room began to smell like our old R&A room at school where I spent many a weekday evening at Craft Club.

Now I needed to just decide what to do with this lovely hot stickyness!

I have been meaning to use some gorgeous 'old looking' buttons I've had in a box for a while and along with some paper flowers from hobbycraft I set to work making a pretty vintage style hair slide.

I simply squidged on the hot glue and set my buttons and flowers as neatly as I could, and as fast as I could before the glue dried!

I then took some lace ribbon and set it around the edge to add a little border and hide the glue.

I love my finished hair slide and it has got me feeling excited about making crafts for our wedding...once we manage to save!

I may even tackle a brooch bouquet if I am brave enough!

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