Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ella's Kitchen Baby 'Thrill-o-Meter'

Ever given little one something to eat that they didn't like? What face did they pull? 

Ella's Kitchen have been carrying out some super taste tests with the assistance of a 'thrill-o-meter'

This super cute video complete with some gorgeous little faces shows the reactions of Ella's food guinea-babies! The machine measures the babies Galvanic Skin Responses and lots of technical stuff to show if they like it or not! 

The results showed the Top 10 most exciting tastes for babies are:
1.       Mango
2.       Cinnamon
3.       Lemon
4.       Coconut
5.       Banana
6.       Papaya
7.       Red pepper
8.       Apricot
9.       Sweet potato
10.     Carrot
What are your little ones favourite flavours? 
You can also win some treats over on the Ella's Kitchen Facebook page by taking part in their Big Taste Test!

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