Saturday, 16 November 2013

Awkward Christmas with F&F

I have been set a challenge by the fab people at Tesco F&F to share with you my Awkward Christmas outfits. 

I am sad to say I don't yet own a Christmas jumper nor do I regularly partake in cringeworthy festive fashion but one thing you will always find me in each year is the standard Santa Hat! 

My old faithful hat gets pulled out each year with the decorations and makes me feel instantly full of festive cheer. 

Sometimes the hat looks great, like the year we went to visit Joe's family on Christmas Eve and I got a cuddle with my little brother in law Freddy who was dressed as Santa's Little Helper.

But sometimes once the Christmas cheer and perhaps a couple of mulled wines have kicked in this seemingly innocent hat can turn hideously wrong. 

Combined with a Christmas stocking gift of silly teeth and some classic gurning...the result is my most Awkward Christmas Photo!

If you don't want to end up with embarrassingly awkward photo's this year check out the latest festive fashion must haves at

*This is my entry for the Awkward Christmas Competition

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