Sunday, 17 November 2013

A to Z of Me

I have been tagged by the lovely Gina at Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies to share with you the A to Z of Me! So here I am...

A is for Australia. I am a huge fan of Masterchef Australia and my dream holiday would be 3weeks touring the restaurants of Oz and meeting Gary and George! 

B is for Braces...I turned down having these fitted when I was a teenager and I don't quite know why but I wish I hadn't as I hate my teeth. 

C is for Chatterbox. I have been told many times that I talk too much, I guess I just don't like silence!

D is for Dexter, my favourite TV show and the man I insisted my first son would be named after...until we decided on Ted! 

E is for Envy, I am envious of people who are tidy and organised and don't have 3 wash baskets full of clothes washing to catch up on constantly!

F is for Friends, I don't have a large group of friends but the couple I do have mean the world to me.

G is for Grumpy, something I become if I don't eat enough! 

H is for Heartburn, something which I didn't really experience fully until I was rushed to hospital after having Ted thinking I was having a heart attack...its not fun!

I is for Initiative. I struggle at work to use my initiative and trust my instincts, forever having to check with a colleague before actioning anything. This is something I want to work on.

J is for Jensen Ackles, the only celebrity to actually render me speechless when he comes on screen!

K is for Kites, I was helping my little brother to fly his brand new dinosaur kite when he was 5 and may have accidentally let go and left him with a fat lip...oops!

L is for Listening, a skill that I would like to think I am good at although I am sure Joe will disagree...usually if it involves PC's, Cars or IT! 

M is for Marriage. I can't wait for the day I can finally get married to Joe, my fiance and best friend. 

N is for NVQ, I have an NVQ Level 2 in Business and Administration.

O is for Organised...Oh how I wish I was but my scatter brain just won't allow it!

P is for Procrastination, I have perfected this to an art form over the years and I...will finish this one later!

Q is for Qwerty...that 6 letter word that has taken over my life, I cannot remember the last time I had a day without using a keyboard!

R is for Robin and Rainbows, a part of my life that makes me feel like I am giving something back. Just seeing the excited faces on our little Rainbows when we tell them we are having a Christmas Party makes giving up my Monday nights worth while. 

S is for Scrumptious, my favourite dinner is Steak, New Potatoes, Green Beans and Blue Cheese Sauce. Nom!

T is for Tangled. When this movie came out I got very excited as finally there was a Disney princess with blonde hair and green eyes! 

U is for Unconscious. I have never passed out or been under general anaesthetic. The thought of it scares me a little.

V is for Vauxhall. I drive a silver 59 plate Vauxhall Corsa.

W is for Writing. Until I started this blog I had no idea how much I enjoyed writing but it has become a passion of mine and I love it!

X is for Xray, I am happy to share I have never broken any bones!

Y is for Yellowhead...a nickname my Dad gave me when I was little for being the only blonde in the family!

Z is for Zodiac, I am a Libra!

So there you have the A to Z of Me!

I am going to tag Debs - Super Busy Mum
and Rachel - Blogging Mummy

 I would love to learn some more about you so please send me links if you decide to link up!

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