Sunday, 6 October 2013

Our entry for the Center Parcs Family Blogger club competition!

We want to be Center Parcs Family Bloggers! 

Recently our day to day lives have become one big bear hunt...a Teddy Bear hunt! We often find our little bear hiding in a den of my clean washing or spy a little paw poking out from a waterfall of curtains. Every day for us is an adventure but we want to go on a proper adventure. One where we can ride rapids, fight pirates and climb across giant spiders webs!

We visited Center Parcs a few months ago for the first time and our eyes were opened to holidays like no other. We swam in the lagoon like swimming paradise, ate like kings (or queens) in the fantastic restaurants and went on long bike rides in the sunshine to discover forests full of bluebells!

We would love to become part of the Center Parcs Family Bloggers Club so that we can share our amazing family breaks with you. If we won we would like to visit Sherwood Forest home to everybody's favourite man in tights Robin Hood! 

We have only just began our adventure as parents but our family memories will last a lifetime!

Here is our entry to the Center Parcs Family Bloggers Club Competition with Tots 100!


  1. Loved him bopping away in the car and with a nappy on his head. Cutie! X

  2. Darn it - visited your site too late for the competition! Loved the video. What app did you use? -HMx


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