Thursday, 24 October 2013

Organix Baby Food

A few weeks ago I came home to a parcel that looked like this...

We opened it up to find a box full of treats from the fantastic people at Organix! Ted looooooves Multigrain Hearts so you can imagine the exitement he had as he began to rummage through his treasures. 

We had been sent Strawberry Multigrain Hearts, Fruit Pots and Porridge. Ted loved all of them and I was happy that they were only full of good organic ingredients!

There is certainly no Junk in this Trunk (Ok, Box!)

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Here is Ted enjoying his little puffy hearts of goodness! They taste a little like cheeseless Wotsits and they melt in the mouth which is perfect for little ones. 

The strawberry ones even come with little pieces of dried strawberries! I love them because they have helped Ted to develop his fine motor skills using his fingers and thumb to pick them up and navigate them to his mouth!

Enjoying a little snack 'Old Man' style!

The cereal and porridges are really lovely and have tiny balls of cereal in to add texture, Ted enjoys the banana and raisin porridge for breakfast and it sets him up for the day!

You can find Organix baby food in most supermarkets and view their full range at Organix .com

*We were sent these products to sample for review purposes but regularly buy Organix food and love them!

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