Thursday, 24 October 2013

If I Could Have Just One Room

I was tagged this week into the If I Could Have Just One Room meme by Gina at Cold Tea & Smelly Nappies

This was originally started by Jocelyn at The Reading Residence where she posed the question...

If you could have just one room, all to yourself, what would be in it? 
What colours would you choose? 
What would it smell like?

For me the room I love most in our house is not in fact mine but Ted's. When I was pregnant with him it was my sanctuary, I hid away in there when I wanted to feel close to him and when the nesting kicked in (the amount I could do in between the sickness) I would spend hours neatly folding clothes and making little paper hot air balloons to hang from the ceiling! 

Therefore if I could have just one perfect room it would be the perfect room for my little man. The theme would be a Fantasy Hideaway / Mini Gentleman's Club complete with soft animal heads mounted on the wall and thinking/reading corner!

I want it to be a place where he can dream and anything is possible. With muted pastels and lots of grey and neutral colours, plenty of different textures and layers to make him feel comfortable and cosy. You can find all of these images and more on my Pinterest Board.

All of these images are from Pinterest and were not taken by me.

A bed made from a coffee table making it close to the floor so he doesn't fall out and hurt himself, a big comfy arm chair for Daddy and I to read him stories while he snuggles in and dreams of magical lands filled with adventures. Tiny doors to hide nasty plug sockets and piles upon piles of blankets and cushions to build dens! 

In answer to Jocelyn's question final question....It would smell of my little boy and I couldn't think of a better smell to fill a room with!

I tag 
Pink Oddy 

I cant wait to see your rooms! Don't forget to link up to The Reading Residence so we can see your lovely posts!


  1. That's lovely...if only we could win the lottery and make it a reality!!

  2. I love it! What a great theme for a little boys room. Thank you for joining in :-)

  3. Such a gorgeous room. Love those animal heads, and the table bed - very clever. And there could be no better smell :) Thanks for linking up x

  4. How lovely :) the idea of a mini gentleman's club is fabulous! Popped over from the Linky x

  5. aw, that is so cute! i selfishly created a room for myself! i love the tiny doors idea too :o) thanks for sharing

  6. Gorgeous room for a child. I think I'll inspiration from this for my daughters bedroom. She's only 10 months old so I get to chose what she 'needs' lol!


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