Saturday, 12 October 2013

Ella's Kitchen Little Big Meals

I am really pleased to be writing this review for Ella's Kitchen as back in May, Ella's Kitchen pouches were the first thing that Ted ate! Here is our weaning post with Ella's Kitchen Pouches.

Ted has come on leaps and bounds from the tiny weaning baby we had back in May. He happily chomps away on anything he can get his hands on! 

The Ella's Kitchen 'Little Big Meals' are perfect for our 'Big Little Man'! They are just like grown up meals but without all the yucky bits. They are organic and many have 5-6 vegetables in. We love the Pork Stew and Bolognese Bake and so does Ted.

Here he is enjoying his dinners...

Ella's Kitchen, Baby Food

These Little Big Meals are created for children aged 1+ but as Ted is fully weaned I felt comfortable feeding him these. The food is quite mushy with small lumps so was easy for him to chew with his little teeth!

You can find Ella's Kitchen in supermarkets or check out their
full range on their super colourful website.

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  1. They look great!

    Tyne only has Ella's Kitchen stage 2 pouches, I think they are far and away the best on the market!! I can't wait for him to start on these!

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