Thursday, 31 October 2013

Christmas Gifts for Fussy Families

We all know how hard it is to shop for Christmas presents. There is always one person that you just can't find anything to fill them with festive cheer. Here are a few idea's to get you started!

Gifts for...

The Vampire Movie 'Fangirl' Type One

Why not take your Gothic Girlie to Whitby to visit the Dracula experience and stay in one of the many Whitby holiday cottages
Failing that why not just get her a few more movies to add to the collection. Try some old ones like Dusk til Dawn or Blade to show her Vampire movies didn't start with Twilight!

The 'Littlest' One

Why not get your smallest family member a present to last a lifetime, open up an ISA and start saving now for their future.  

Getting loved ones to give them the gift of savings will not only set them up for the future but tackle that never ending question "is there anything you need for...." the little ones are then free to enjoy playing with empty boxes and rustling through piles of gift wrap!

The 'Pro-Gamer' One

Gaming Chairs are a great gift for those button bashing console loving types, you can get them with speakers in and some vibrate to react to the game! 
LED TV's are perfect for computer games and movies due to thier high refresh rate and High Definition screens. One of these will be sure to guarantee you a grunt of thanks from your gaming teen!
A Gaming Mouse is a must have for PC gamers, Razor make some amazing ones with buttons galore and brightly coloured light up controls!

The One 'Who Has Everything'

We all know this sort of person. The one who when asked what they would like says 'I don't really need anything..." This is a tricky one as they more than likely would like a gift but just can't think of anything they want. 

Why not give them the gift of choice? 

Vouchers for a wide range of high street brands allow them to buy something when they think of it and often are valid for a year so they can keep hold of them until they have decided!

The 'Creative' One

I think I fall under this category and the best gifts I received for my birthday this year were a glue gun and a craft knife! These sort of gifts are treasured by us creative types but are not always something that springs to mind. 

Another lovely idea is a subscription to a craft magazine, full of How To's, templates and often some fab freebies this gift will last all year so you can enjoy putting  a smile on your loved ones face every month!

The 'Special' One

That special person in your life can often be the most difficult to buy for. You know everything about them but nothing seems to really stand out. I like personal thoughtful gifts like framed photographs, engraved jewellery and a romantic getaway. 

One lovely idea is to make a book of redeemable coupons full of romantic gestures and favours. 

Some examples could be...Running them a hot bubble bath, cooking a romantic meal or even doing their chores for a week! Be as creative as possible and don't be afraid to throw in a few cheeky ones!

The One 'Who Climbs Trees and Makes Mud Pie's'

For those messy little tearaways that like nothing more than exploring the great outdoors a bug catching kit can be a great gift. Providing them with endless fun and lots of learning along the way! 

If playing in the snow is on the agenda this year why not get some kids snow boots? Keeping little ones warm in those winter months doesn't have to mean keeping them on house arrest. Dressing them in snuggly clothing and warm boots will make sure they keep cozy and have fun!

Remember if you are jumping up and down in muddy puddles you must always wear your boots! 

The 'Baking Mad' One

With Great British Bake off coming to an end we have all been drooling at the sight of cakes, cookies and french fancies. Any baker would be in heaven and what better to get those Paul Hollywood worshipers than his latest cook book? 

Good bakeware is essential for any dessert lovers cupboards. I love Tala bakeware, its gorgeous vintage design is not only long lasting but looks really pretty in the kitchen! 

Finally what about a personalised apron, you can add a little message or just get thier name put on the front, there are lots websites offering personalised gifts so there will be sure to be something for your budget.

I hope this has given you some idea's for shopping for the festive season! Remember shopping should be fun not stressful so take plenty of breaks and hot chocolates are essential! 

Happy Shopping!!!

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