Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Pamper up your Pregnancy!

As amazing and beautiful as pregnancy is I am sure most Mummy's to be will agree it is exhausting. Swollen ankles, stretch marks, and backache, unfortunately the list goes on and that's before we start on the morning sickness! 

I can't make the last one go away but I have got some tips for soothing tired bones, preventing stretchmarks and relieving tired feet. 

Time for a bit of R&R

A full nights sleep is often a thing of dreams for most women towards the end of their pregnancy. Between trips to the toilet, manoeuvring around your bump and worrying about anything and everything it is often hard to get a wink of sleep but it is important to rest during your pregnancy. 

Reading a nice book and having a relaxing bath can help to wind down, why not try the NSPA Mum to Be range? The Relaxing Bath and Shower Creme is delicately fragranced. It contains Shea Butter and Almond Oil and will leave you feeling calm and beautifully soft. A nice bath will be sure to relieve aching muscles and the water will support your back. 

Remember if you can't sleep any form of rest will do you good, take time out in the day to wind down. Read a book, listen to some Michael Buble, put your feet up in front of the TV or however you like to relax. 

Butter up that Bump!

One of most womens main pregnancy niggles are stretchmarks. I still have no Idea why we dislike them so much but I suppose deep down we are all a little image conscious and sadly even these beautiful marks are not worn with the pride they deserve. 

I have always loved this quote.

"Your body is not ruined. You're a goddamn tiger who's earned her stripes." 

Love your Bump

However I still felt conscious about my 'Stripes' and found the Moisturising Bump Butter from NSPA fantastic for helping them to fade. It also helps to boost the elasticity of your skin and aids in preventing the appearance of stretchmarks if used regularly. 

Treat your Feet

Carrying that extra bit of baby weight can be exhausting, your feet can swell and you will find walking long distances tiring. Why not treat yourself to a Cooling Leg and Foot soak and even better why not get someone (Ahem, Daddy's job) to give you a nice foot massage after! 

Pamper those feet!

The Mum to Be Collection is available in all Asda stores and are really good value for money. They have all been bench marked against top brands like Sanctuary, Elizabeth Arden and Bio-Oil. To see the full range visit

Moisturising Bump Butter - £5
Cooling Leg and Foot Gel - £3
Relaxing Bath and Shower Creme - £3
Soothing Nipple Balm - £4
NSPA Mum To Be Collection from Asda

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