Monday, 12 August 2013

My Grandad

This weeks trip down memory lane is dedicated to my Grandad Tony.

Unfortunately my Grandad is no longer with us as he passed away when I was 16 but I have so many lovely memories and I wanted to share a few of them with you. 

Nan and Grandad in 1965

This picture was taken on the beach in Selsey, which I mentioned a few weeks ago in my Holiday Princess post. We used to go there as kids and my family have been holidaying there years before even my Mum was born. My Nan was pregnant with my Uncle Nick at the time this picture was taken. He was the eldest of 5 with my mum being the middle child. 

My Grandparents lived in Edgeware, London which was where I was born and lived until I was 2 and we moved. My Nan, Auntie and Cousin still live there now. My Grandad used to work as a cleaner when I was little and would spend his weekends scouring car boots for hidden treasures, I think that's where I get it from! 

My Granddad was kind hearted and adored his family. He called us all Babe and would sing and dance around the room to Spice Girls shouting Arrrrrribbbbaaaaa! He used to teach us how to draw flowers and I designed a tattoo for my sister based on one of his drawings. 

My sister reminded me today how he never used to want any of us grandchildren to feel left out, if one of us was sad he would come over and do a silly dance or ask if we wanted to take a walk to the shop for a newspaper. 

I remember him giving me tea in my bottle when I was little and we would often see him doing the same for all the old people in the Salvation Army hall down the road from their house - minus the bottle! I remember him bowling around in his trainers and tracksuits and showing us his car boot finds like he was Del Boy. 

Granddad with my cousin Amy at my 5th birthday
party dressed as Mrs Doubtfire.
After my Grandad died we learnt much more about his upbringing and his family history. It fascinates me to look back through the years and I wish I had the chance to know him when he was young. 

I love thinking about all the amazing times we had and I wish so much that he was still here to see my little man as I know he would be so proud of what I have achieved and Ted would adore his great granddad like he does Joe's Granddad. 

I miss him every day but am so grateful for all the amazing memories we have with him and can't wait to share them with Ted when he is older. 


  1. I remember him dressed as Mrs Doubtfire - he was a real character!

  2. Oh my goodness what an incredible story and what a character Grandad Tony. I love that he shared his car boot finds like Del Boy and dressed up like Mrs Doubtfire. What an amazing post and photo, thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  3. This is a lovely post and what a wonderful Granddad he sounds like! I am so lucky that I still have all four of my grandparents, which I am thankful for every day. x

  4. A lovely story, it sounds like he was a very thoughtful man xx

  5. What a beautiful homage to your grandpa. He was obviosuly much loved. A great story!

  6. awww honey what a beautiful tribute to your grandad tony xxx

    thank you for sharing with #MagicMoments x

  7. Beautiful post, Love the pictures :)

  8. Thank you so much everyone for the lovely comments on this post it really means a lot :) xxx


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