Friday, 30 August 2013

Holidays with the Kids - Top Holiday Concerns Teletext Survey

We are yet to go on holiday abroad with Ted but when we took him away for the first time we were at a Premier Inn and it wasn't the best place, it was a little grubby but they had a travel cot for Ted and bottle facilities.

I am one of these parents that although I don't want my child eating handfuls of dirt, I do think that a little bit of dirt won't hurt them and if Ted's toy falls on the floor and happens to go in his mouth I really don't panic. 

He needs to build up his immune system somehow and touch wood hasn't been ill from it. 

Teletext Holidays have recently carried out a survey on UK parents to see what their concerns were with taking their child on holiday. I am quite surprised at the results. 

Here are the findings in a lovely Interactive Resource.

What is your opinion? What are your priorities on holiday? 

*This post is in partnership with Teletext Holidays and includes a press release from the Top Holiday Concerns Survey.

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