Friday, 9 August 2013

Cuddledry have done it again!

Cuddledry have won another Gold Award, 
this time it is from Grannynet - The Granny's in the know!

Check out what they have to say about it here.

Photo: delighted that grans are loving our Cuddledry towels as well as mums and dads - check out this GOLD award from Grannynet! Tis true our towels do make a great gift (and lots of grans like to have one at their house too for when little ones come to stay :-))

I agree that this towel would also be perfect for anyone with delicate skin and would also make a great present for Grandparents for when the little ones come to stay, why not get a spare one to keep at Nana's!


  1. Those grannies know there stuff!!! x

  2. Cuddledry is great, we've have their towels before. Wonderful. Clever grannies :)


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