Sunday, 25 August 2013

Car Seat's - How to choose...

Choosing the right car seat can be a mind boggling process for most parents but with a little bit of help from Britax and Bambino Direct I have put together a little guide for choosing the right seat for your child.

The Fit Finder can be found here.

There is lots of technical terms that are thrown around when it comes to car seats so here is a little breakdown for you.

ISOFIX - ISOFIX anchors are built into the car and if your seat has an ISOFIX frame you are able to simply click it into place, this is said to reduce the impact of forces in an accident. As of February 2012 it is required by law for all new cars to be fitted with these ISOFIX anchors but if your car is older and doesn't have them there is a great selection of seats that use the adults seatbelts to their best possible effect.

DSIP - is a D-shaped frame that in the event of side impact collides with the car door and absorbs the impact and spreads it across the whole carrier moving the force away from your baby. These are built into the Britax Baby Safe carriers.

SICT - Side Impact Cusion Technology is an air filled cushion on either side of the car seat which absorbs forces of a collision before they reach your child.
Once you know what car seat you need you can begin to look around for one that is suitable for your child. Bambino Direct have some gorgeous car seats in a range of different colours from big names like Britax, Graco, Cosatto and Maxi-Cosi.

For Newborns I like the Jane Transporter, it is great for tiny babies as they are able to lay down and it can be easily take out and transported without waking baby.

Jane Transporter 2 Carrycot/Car Seat in Memories

I adore this Cosatto Hug with its gorgeous black and white star pattern. As usual Cosatto have outdone themselves on the design front and any baby would be very lucky to have this special seat. It has a 5 position recline and comfy padded arm rests. 
Cosatto Hug Group 1-2-3 Recline car seat in All Stars
To see more of the car seat on offer at Bambino Direct visit their website.

*I was provided with some e-vouchers in exchange for this post but all writing is my own. Facts are taken from the Britax Car Seat Guide

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  1. Thank you for this post - going to check the website as our 4 year old is getting to the point whereby he wants to change seats.


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