Sunday, 11 August 2013

Canal Festival and Happy News!

Today we went for a lovely trip down to our local canal for the Blisworth Canal Festival. It was a fantastic day out with lots of stalls, pony rides and steam engines to take a look at alongside all of the amazing barges on the canal! 

Ted was as good as gold all day and gave all the passers by lots of smiles from in his pram. He saw some sheep, goats, pigs and chickens and even a Macaw! A man was walking his gorgeous parrot along the tow path showing off introducing him to everyone. Ted wasn't too impressed and chose to stare at the poor man with a bemused look on his face!

We saw a brilliant set up of a World War reenactment and they had even dug trenches! I didn't have my camera to hand which is a shame because it really was a great display, even down to the poor lazy injured solder laying outside his tent bandaged up! 

We had gone with Ted's Godparents and my best friends Claudy and Dave and we met up with Dave's parents and brother, Joe was working which was a shame. Dave and I got a sneaky cupcake and I used Claudy's pregnancy as an excuse not to waste money on a wine raffle which Dave's brother lost a few pennies on! 

We saw lots of little ducklings on the canal, Ted still wasn't interested, He really can't seem to understand what animals are yet as we discovered when he grabbed my dads tortoise by the leg last week! 

After a lovely morning Ted and I headed home, cross country to get out of the car park and got stuck by a steam engine and then a caravan making our way out of the village! 

I do love the village life and this one in particular is lovely for me as it is where my new/old job is. Today I have handed in my notice at my old job and have been offered a place at the pharmaceutical company I worked at 4-5 years ago. I really enjoyed working there but left to explore the big wide world and have since discovered that large corporate companies are really not for me. 

I am really pleased to be going back, the company is very small and the people I will be working with are really kind and have always been good friends to me so when I was offered the chance to go back I was so happy. They allow me to work around Ted and as they all have children themselves they understand the importance of working around your home life and will be a huge support for us if needed. 

Feeling very happy!

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