Friday, 23 August 2013

Big Sister...

When I was 3 a terrible thing happened! My sister was born! Haha! 

Ok maybe not such a terrible thing but it was an event in my life that was to change it forever...I was to be a big sister...The Eldest!

August 1991 - Danielle joined the world, I was to become the older sibling and with that came great responsibility.

March 1995 - Jack was born the first and only boy. I would have to learn the names of every dinosaur that ever walked the earth if I was going to keep up with my little brother.

and finally in March 2001 along came Ellie the youngest of the bunch and the little girl who is now growing up too fast and making me feel old!

We have had our ups and downs as siblings, like most, but I love these 3 more than anything. They have taught me so much and I don't think I would be as good a Mum to Ted as I am now without first having been a sister. 

I learnt how to make mean ice cream sundae's, to help tie shoe laces and even mend broken hearts but they taught me to have patience and not to hold grudges.

I may have not been the perfect sister and damn we have had our share of arguments but we are all still close and I wouldn't know what to do without them. 

Danielle has an amazing ability to find the fun in mundane daily life, she still plays on the swings at the park and loves anything cute and silly. Out of the 4 of us Danielle and I clash the most but it is because we are so different and we need to learn to embrace our differences.

Jack has changed from the shy little boy who cried every day when he started school to a funny, caring young man who I really enjoy spending time with and has sense of humour that amazes me. I know one day he will make a great husband and Dad I just want him to have confidence in himself.

Ellie has blossomed from a cute little girl in a pink fairy dress to a gorgeous young lady in the space of what feels like a few months. She looks up to me and I love that she comes to me for advice but she brings out the Mumsyness in me and I find myself telling her "you are not going out dressed like that" or "You are not allowed a boyfriend until you are 30!"

So there you have it, my siblings. Family life is never dull with 4 kids in the house! 

Over and Out

Big Sis!


  1. Siblings, seriously without mine (I have 3 of each) life would of been dull growing up, but when your the oldest life must be slightly more challenging due to responsibilities, I am a middle child x


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