Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Touchnote - Personalised Postcard App

I was so excited when I was given a chance to review a fab new app I had seen advertised on TV. Touchnote is an new way to send gorgeous postcards and greetings cards directly from your mobile phone! 

It literally takes a few easy steps...

Download the app

This app is available on Android, iPhone or iPad. You will need to register your details to start but it is so simple to use. 

Select Postcard or Greetings Card 

The greetings card can be edited to add text to the front and there are several designs to make it extra special.

Upload your image

It only allows you to use one image, but if you are clever you can do what I did and create a collage on your phone first and use that as your image to allow you to include more special moments.

Add your text

There is enough space for 220 characters so you can put quite a detailed message on.

Choose where you want to send it

There you have it, a beautiful personalised card is on its way to your friends and family!

1 credit costs £1.49 which is cheaper than most greetings card websites. 
They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if your card late, damaged or there is anything you are unhappy with then they will always resend or refund.
Touchnote currently only send greeting cards from the UK, but they do print and send postcards from the UK, Germany, USA and Australia.

I have made a birthday card for my Mum and a postcard for Ted to keep for when he is bigger to tell him all the clever things he learnt this month 

However, my favourite was a postcard we sent to The Lazy Girl's Guide to Life's children for a summer project they are doing. They loved the card and it made me very happy to help them with their project. Read the post here The Postcard Project.

I love this app and really recommend it for sending pictures to friends and family who don't regularly use the internet. I now need to decide who to send my next one to!

*I was given credits on my account to review this product for Touchnote but all views are my own.


  1. The postcard was amazing and makes such a change from impersonal versions too. The kids really loved it and it's so cool to see an app I would actually want and use regularly x

  2. This does seem very reasonable. You've convinced me! Just popped over from the Postcard Project. Will keep looking at your blog -HMx

  3. I have now started using it - thanks for the tip! -HMx


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