Monday, 8 July 2013

Magic Moments - Holiday Princess

This weeks Magic Moment is all about Me and My Mum!

I have always been told how much I look like my mum, without fail people can pair us up in a crowd and whilst looking through some family photo's a while back I came across these beauties. 

The caravan park we used to holiday at as kids, Bunn Leisure in Selsey, West Sussex, was the same park my mum and her brothers and sisters went to when they were little, a bit of a family tradition I guess. We used to go most summers and my grandparents had their own caravan for many years. 

I have some great memories of playing croquet on the empty caravan pitches, swimming in the freezing cold pool and searching for treasures on the pebble beach. We used to go to the same restaurant every weekend for a roast dinner, all 20+ of us and I would often walk down to the shop with my Granddad first thing to get newspapers and custard creams!

I remember playing bingo with my Nan, the excitement of getting 50p's worth of 2p's for the slot machines and the cloud of smoke and faint smell of stale beer as you walked into the clubhouse! 

We used to go to the kids club, Panda Pop in hand and play party games to win sweets. We were easily pleased back then!

The holiday park used to hold several competitions over the summer. For one, all the girls would dress in their best party dresses, do a little twirl and the winner was crowned Holiday Princess. I am not sure if this is still running as, thinking about it now, there must have been a lot of tears!

Holiday Princesses...almost!

There are so many similarities in these pictures from the floral dresses and ankle socks, to the cheesy compares. We even had the same numbers and if I remember correctly we both came 2nd place!

I am sharing my memories with Magic Moments and The Olivers Madhouse


  1. What a really lovely memory and what amazing photos

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  2. I used to love doing the 2p slots with my nan x

  3. My names Jade and I am a 2p machine addict hehe x


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