Monday, 22 July 2013

Flowers and Nana's Birthday

Today is my Mum's birthday! Happy Birthday Mum!

This picture was taken yesterday when we all met up for a BBQ at my parents house to celebrate Mum's birthday. 

We took a walk down to the park and Ted loved playing on the swings and sitting on the climbing frame but his favourite thing had to be playing in the grass.

He loves grass, he runs his fingers through it and has a little nibble until he gets caught and told it is yucky! 

Mum was giving him daisies and buttercups and he was very gentle, his little chubby hands slowly wrapped around the stalk as he used his fingers to explore the petals. 

I was quite surprised that it took 5 minutes before he attempted to eat them! 

We had a lovely time and have some great pictures to remind us of our day! 


  1. What a fantastic photograph - I love this age of discovery. Just brilliant. How great you were able to capture the moment. Thank you for linking up with #whatsthestory

  2. That is lovely!! I love how careful it looks like he's being..found you through the whatsthestory :)

    WTTP - The little lady with a baby!

  3. Now this I adore; his little chubby wrists holding something so delicate with so much care. When I saw this on the linky I was compelled to look as we had a Nana who loved us bringing her flowers (although when we did, they were dust magnets!!). This was really lovely - and a great photo xx popping over from #whatsthestory

  4. I love their little chubby hands and feet, what a lovely picture to treasure and remind you of a lovely family day.


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