Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ears Full of Sand and A Belly Full of Flab!

After reading several posts lately about fellow Mummy bloggers and their battles to loose the baby weight I have come to a decision that...

A. I am burying my head in the sand, very much like this little fella.

B. I am lazy...ok that's sleepy but hey!

C. I have lied. I may not have realised I was doing it at the time but I owe my lovely readers an apology. 

I am happy...yes but as stated in my post a few months ago Magic Measurements, I said I was size happy. I am in fact size 12-14 and not at all pleased with it. 

I miss my flat tummy. This was just before Joe and I got together, I loved my curves and was a healthy size 10. I remained this size for a year or so and then I gave up. 

I was in a happy relationship, I didn't feel the need to lose weight as Joe loved me regardless of what I looked like and still does. 

But now it has come to the point where I know I am unfit. I don't exercise...I was going to say much but nope I was right first time...I don't exercise. 

A walk round Tesco or the odd trip to the shop is about it. I keep kidding myself that housework is exercise but...No it really isn't. 

So there we have it, I need to get back to size happy again. No more burying my head in the sand and no more pretending it will drop off on its own. I am on a mission this week to find myself a good exercise routine and to fight the flab! 

Wish me Luck!!!


  1. Aww I'm about to write up a post myself about my body woes - its horrible when you dont feel happy in yourself.

    Best of luck!



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