Tuesday, 23 July 2013

BANG! and the dirt is gone!


Those 4 words ring in everyone's heads and we all know what product Barry is promoting...

I am fighting a constant battle in our house with limescale, out house is a rental property with really dated fixtures and fittings and no matter how hard I have been trying I just couldn't shift the limescale on our taps. They always looked grubby and crusty, that was until I was sent a bottle of Cillit Bang to try. 

Within seconds the Power Cleaner had started to work, cutting through that awful limescale and leaving our taps sparkling clean! Have a look for yourself...

BANG! and the dirt is gone! 

I now use it on everything from worktops, cleaning the sink and even the BBQ! 

Our Kitchen Sink...

I took a look on the Cillit Bang website and found they have a huge range of products to get your house looking ship shape. 

These include Power Cleaner with Bleach for the toilet, Grease and Sparkle which would work perfect on our oven and Soapscum and Shower to get rid of all those yucky bubble marks!

Why not take Cillit Bang for a spin...but try not to get a speeding ticket! 


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