Thursday, 4 July 2013

Babble Bib

We love bandana bibs, they look super cool and are so great for soaking up all those dribbles! Ted has so many different ones but his Little Newton one from Babble Bib is so lovely. It is really soft and doesn't rub. The fun design with its equations and kiddy drawing children is really different from a lot of the patterns on the market. 

These bibs are made in the UK and they have a great ruffle up effect that ensures the dribble doesn't have a chance to run down the neck and is caught from the chin. They come in a massive range of styles so you are sure to find something you like. These patterns are some of my favourite.

Night OwlSerenRosy Posy

Babble Bibs come in a range of sizes from 4months to 10years. They are working on a design for newborns but they don't have any yet as the company advised the ruffle effect wouldn't work unless the baby could support their head. 

Ted looking very serious in his Babble Bib! 

These bibs make a great gift and are really reasonably priced. Ordering is really easy, check out the website for more designs! 

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