Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Poorly Boy and The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Today has been a strange day. My little man has woken up a little bit under the weather. A croaky throat, tickly cough and scratchy eyes has left him looking a bit drained but hasn't stopped him wanting to play!

This morning was spent snuggling on the sofa and having kisses, something I am very pleased he has learnt to give me! Little open mouthed kisses were something he only gave his Nana (my mum) but he decided last night to share the love to Joe and I and we were very happy!

Last night we were spoilt by Daddy and taken out to dinner and dress shopping for an upcoming wedding reception. Ted had a late night so may explain him being a bit out of sorts today.

Ted loves his wooden animals and truck sorter

So this afternoon I decided he needed some fun so we have been playing with his wooden animals and truck, watching Peppa Pig and making Very Hungry Caterpillars!

Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft

Here's how we made them:

You just need green and red paint, coloured paper and green and black pens.

Pop little one in a Bumbo or highchair so you have feet access...may take a few attempts if they are at the foot grabbing age like Ted!

Use your finger to paint each of their little toes green and their big toe red.

Take your paper and press it onto their toes and repeat for each caterpillar.

*Use baby wipes to clean the paint off their tootsies*

Let the paint dry then take a pen and draw on the face, antennae and little legs.

Cut out little leaves and after cutting out your caterpillars you can stick them on a leaf! 

*Why not make some food for them too with older children you can make butterflies with hand print wings and little eggs with finger prints*

Enjoy making your lovely Caterpillars!  We did! :)


  1. Hi Jade - really nice to meet you. Good to meet someone reasonably local. Lived in Northampton for a year when at Uni and worked several of the pubs in the centre - A LOT OF FUN!!!!! Loved this post and adore the Hungry Caterpillar.
    Thanks for signing my guestbook xx
    Looking forward to catching up via blogs/twitter very soon xxx

  2. How sweet, they are lovely! You could make more over time as their toes get bigger and bigger!


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