Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Ted's Naming Day

Haaaave You Met Ted?
Sunday was Ted's Naming Day. Joe and I are not religious and knew we didn't feel comfortable getting Ted christened but we did want a special day for everyone to celebrate him joining our family.
When the decision was made to hold a non-religious naming day instead of a christening there was only one thing we wanted to take from a traditional christening and that was Godparents. 

The term Godparent generally means an individual chosen by the parents to take an interest in the child's upbringing and personal development. To us this word means someone who will love and care for Ted through his life and be there to nurture him, a person whom he can confide in when he needs to and will teach him how to be a good person. For this reason we could think of no better people than our closest friends. Claudy and Dave, I met through work and have gone on to be the best friends we could have ever asked for.

Dave, Claudy, Me and Joe
Josie and I at 19
Josie is my oldest friend and was by my side at school and although there is now distance between us will always be a good friend.

The day started as normal, getting little man up and ready for his day, giving him his breakfast and tidying the house. A mad dash to the shops to buy last minute bits while my sister and her fiance took Ted for a walk. I had managed to get most of our shopping from the day before. We were given a voucher from Asda to buy all the things we needed to make our day perfect. Their summer BBQ range is fantastic and I was able to get everything we needed. Fizzy drinks were on offer as 4 for £2 and I got some wooden serving bowls for £1 each. We also got our charcoal, serving spoons, BBQ tongs and lots of food for the party. 

We had borrowed a gazebo from Joe's Auntie and Uncle but disaster struck when we realised the corner sections were missing and were sat 2 hours away in their shed! Luckily our superhero dads came to the rescue and formed a make shift gazebo in the garden to shelter everyone from the forthcoming downpour! 

I put together a basket of Ted's special belongings. This included all his baby shower gifts, cards from when he was born, photobooks and his little wrist bands and I'm sorry to say...his umbilical cord and clip! 

There were stickers and pens at the ready for guests to write small messages to Ted to stick in his baby book and cards for them to see if they could remember his birth stats (weight, date, place etc.) 

We decorated the house with home made bunting and used wrapping paper as a colourful  table mat! Ted's high chair had ribbon wrapped around the legs and a card with his name on! 

With all the chairs set up and all of the guests mingling, Ted sporting a beautiful shirt and bow tie combo complete with a flat cap and the BBQ's alight we were able to start the celebrations. 

I had written a poem for Ted which I asked my cousin to read for me as I knew I would cry. I will post it soon for people to read. We introduced the family to Claudy and Dave (unfortunately Josie couldn't make it) and opened some wonderful gifts that people had brought for the special little boy! Among these gifts were a framed photograph of Ted and I, 2 lovely dinner sets, a personalised mug with his picture on and a Mickey Mouse toy all the way from Disney World! 

Dave, The Godfather as he shall be from now on, had written a speech but as I was in a bit of a fluster being chief hostess and Mum I totally forgot to ask him to read it! For those that were there or if anyone would like to hear the wonderful things he wanted to say, it is posted Here.

Although it rained most of the day, we enjoyed some good food, had lots of laughs and it was so brilliant to see all of the people who care about Ted most all together, some for the first time. 

He truly has made such a huge impact on our family and seeing the joy he brings makes me so proud to be his Mummy. 


  1. Ted looks beyond cute in his little cap. So glad you had a wonderful day - wish I could have been there to share it with you - and once again, sorry about the gazebo!!

  2. aaaww happy naming day Ted, adorable!!! I keep thinking about doing this for my girls because we aren't religious x


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