Monday, 24 June 2013

A Midsummer Nights Daydream...

As the flowers bloom and Midsummers Day approaches dreams of fairies and woodland creatures fill my head.

As a child I often walked with my head down looking for wonderful treasures on the floor, picking up pretty stones, flowers or whatever lost trinkets I could find imagining where they had come from or what they could be used for. I loved The Borrowers and The Minpins and invented make believe worlds in my head where little people used our forgotten posessions for household items or handy tools. 

I used to day dream that for one day I was one of those tiny creatures and I would hop across make believe toadstools or row a imaginary leaf boat down a stream. 

As I got older, my school began to cover Shakespeare. I discovered A Midsummer Nights Dream and I was taken back into that world. Since then I have dreamt of a wedding where I was like Titania Queen of the Fairies, wearing a long floaty dress spun by silk worms, flowers in my hair and beautiful fairy bridesmaids scattering blossom whilst walking on a floor of deep green moss. With woodland animals roaming and little birds chirping sweet little songs! 

Soon reality kicked in and I came to realise that this was definately a dream and would stay that way but I could take parts of this and encorporate them into my special day. 

I created a Pinterest board with all the beautiful things I had dreamt of and some new idea's I have discovered along the way. It dawned on me that Joe isn't and nor will he ever be the sort of groom to dress as a fairy king or a Puck like donkey/man for our wedding day so I would need to tone the theme down a little bit!  

I now have a little boy who I hope will share my dreams of secret creatures and magical kingdoms and will be sure to give him a special bedroom with whatever fantastic idea's fill his dreams, maybe he won't want fairies and instead will dream of swashbuckling pirates or brave knights and I will be sure to teach him all about how to rescue a damsel in distress! 

Until then I will continue to dream about enchanting fairy queens and fearless elf kings and perhaps one day my fantasy wedding dreams will come true. 

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  1. Awww how lovely! I was always the same way - and I'm not ashamed to admit I still believe in fairies!!! lol

    Sparkles &




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