Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Money Supermarket 'Inspect-A-Gadget' Tablet Review

We have been asked by Money Supermarket to 'Inspect-A-Gadget'! Money Supermarket are trying to find the best budget travel gadgets on the market for 2013. 

They wanted to find out if cheap gadgets including e-readers, camera's and tablets can live up to the more expensive brands such as Apple and Samsung and Kindle. They would like to see if you really need to spend a fortune on expensive gadgets for your holidays.

We are a family of internet users, Joe is constantly on Youtube or gaming forums and I like to be able to keep up with the blog and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Britmums, Netmums, Tots100....
Therefore our decision on which gadget to review was made easy and we chose a tablet to take with us on holiday! 

We got an Allwinner 4GB tablet with 7 inch touch screen and Android 4.0 operating system.
This tablet is very compact and lightweight, came with a usb connector, charger and a lovely little case. The screen is a good size and does everything we needed it to do. 

We found the touch screen slightly sluggish but that was helped by using the handy stylus that came with it. There were plenty of apps already installed on the tablet including Angry Birds Star Wars (a family favourite) and as with all androids it was really simple to download any new apps by just logging into the Play Store. 

We took our tablet out on a few trips and found it easy to connect to different wi-fi spots. As it is lightweight it didn't feel heavy in my bag and was like carrying a small book. It would easily go in hand luggage on a plane or tuck in your glove box on long road trips.

Now for the best bit...the price! Apple Ipad prices range between a shocking £200 and £600...this tablet cost £36.00!!! We even were able to buy a beautiful polka dot case for it all for under £40. 

With the tablet costing less than your average families Dominoes pizza meal that is 'what I like to call' a bargain! We also found that with it being so cheap we weren't constantly worried about breaking it, we let other people use it and we didn't panic when Ted decided to give it a trial run!

We struggled at first as we were constantly comparing it to an Ipad but once you accept the tablet for what it is, a small computer with a much smaller price tag you begin to see that it is actually a really good gadget!

We took our tablet on a recent trip to Center Parcs where we were able to check our emails, browse the internet and watch video's...once we found some wi-fi signal in the woods! 

I would feel comfortable letting Ted watch cartoons on it in the back of the car when he is a bit bigger and would recommend it for christmas and birthday presents for kids of all ages. It is simple to use and Joe's little brother who is a whizz on a PC at just 4years old would have no problem navigating around the apps! 

We love our little tablet and are looking forward to taking it with us on our next adventure!

This was our entry for the Money Supermarket 'Inspect-A-Gadget' competition.

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