Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ella's Kitchen Pouches

We have been reviewing Ella's Kitchen baby food pouches and they have gone down a storm!

pears pears pears

Starting with Pears, Pears, Pears which actually include Pears believe it or not and nothing else! Ted loves his fruit and with these small handy pouches containing nothing but good pure fruity goodness I felt so comfortable giving him them as some of his first meals.

NEW! bananas blueberries + baby rice

As his tastes developed we started to introduce some more flavours like the lovely Banana's, Blueberries and Baby Rice which was a totally different experience for us and Ted being bright purple from all the natural blueberry juices.  This new flavour left Ted with a big smile on his face and grabbing for more each time he ran out!

red peppers, sweet potatoes + apples

Next we decided it was time to move on to something savoury and with Red Peppers, Sweet Potato and Apples we felt it had the sweetness Ted was used to but with a little bit of veg for him to give a go and again it was met with happy mmm noises and my hands being grabbed for more and more! 

I love the Ella's Kitchen branding with their bright colours, quirky packaging and delicious 100% organic foods. The cutesy childlike wording on the packaging instantly caught my attention. Created by Ella's Dad for our children to enjoy just the way he wanted his little girl to enjoy them this brand has an honest lovely story behind it and you can tell the company really believe in their products.

Ella's Kitchen....It tastes better than Daddy's Fingers!

I have always said that where possible I will make my own food for my babies but these pouches allowed me to try out new things before I made a home made bulk batch to freeze for later. In the early stages Ted was having half a pouch in a sitting so we were able to pop the pouch into the fridge for 24hours and he had the rest the next day. 

I am really looking forward to trying the next stage of baby food and am just a little sad that Ted doesn't enjoy Mummy's home made food as much as he does these!

This little cutie was on their website, go and take a look what other products are over there! thought I would share this with other parents and link up with PoCoLo!
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  1. i loved these pouches although long term they were a little pricey xx

  2. i used these while on holiday. they are pricey though. i still get the odd one now for pudding.
    found you via pocolo

  3. Yes, ladies they are slightly more expensive we don't solely use them but like you said mrstutey its nice for a treat :)


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