Thursday, 25 April 2013

Old Things I Love...

Old Photographs with family and friends like this one of me with my Uncle when I was 5 or 6.

Old bears, the bear Ted is holding is from a vintage shop near us and has a cute little smile on his face which the owner said hasn't stopped smiling since he entered the shop! Now he is my boys to love until he is grown up.

Old treasures like this case I found in my loft. It must be left from a previous tenant but its very retro and made me smile.

Old buttons, my sister collects them and has lots taken off unworn clothes and found here and there. I especially like the big one made from a coconut!

Old style, Ted looks super cute in his tweed trousers, braces and flatcap. I cant wait to get him some more vintage inspired clothes. Bow tie next!

Old nursery rhymes, wind the bobbin up is one of my favourites and I was excited to find it in a grandparents book I got for my mum from my all time favourite shop A Most Marvellous Place To Shop. In the heart of Northampton on a roundabout tucked away behind the war memorial is 8000 square feet of wonderfullness! Full of Vintage, Retro, Antiques, Art and Handmade Gifts and even containing a Gallery, Cafe and Hair Salon, this really is a Marvellous Place!

If you are ever in Northampton you must take a look. They also have a smaller store in the Bell Plantation in Towcester just outside Northampton. It really is a magical shop and with lots of fairs and events regularly, creative craft workshops and good food its a perfect way to spend a few hours or even the whole day! Which leads me to my next old thing...

Old crockery, these egg cups were used in the Nanna's Kitchen cafe at Most Marvellous along with a whole host of retro and vintage memorabilia. This is the only place I know that serves get dippy eggs and soldiers on the menu and they even offer Marmite on the toast! We once had hot chocolates served in Buzz Lightyear and shark shaped mugs. I'm sure I have a picture somewhere....

Found it!
Old heirlooms, this Clangers baby growbag was given to us by Ted's Grandma Wendy and is so lovely. It will be given back when he has grown out of it and passed to the next grandchild!

Lastly is a treasured possession of my brothers who is now 18. These little shoes were given to him when he was born by our uncle who sadly passed away not long after giving them to him. They are a wonderful treasure for us and something the whole family loves.
Old things hold within them great memories and the stories they tell make up our history. I often wonder what Ted will find in years to come  and what memories they will spark. I long for the day when he can ask us about our lives and look forward to telling him about his ancestors and their footprints in the sands of time.

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  1. This is fab honey! i love the photos x

  2. What a lovely positive post about old things - all really upbeat and just shows that old doesn't have to mean past it! :). Thank you so much for linking up to PoCoLo again :) xx

  3. Oh I love old photos, and how cute does Ted look in his little braces and cap? #bloggingmumscarnival

    1. I am gutted he grew out of his braced trousers and refuses to wear hats now! :(

  4. Old crockery - I love it! Imagining all the stories it could tell, all the resorative cups of tea. Lovely. Arthur has my old blue, brow-beaten well-loved teddy on his shelf, he only has one eye but he makes me smile.

  5. what magical items! i am so loving those egg cups! #bloggingmumscarnival

    1. I love old things and deffo agree that vintage is cool! :)


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