Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Magic Moments - Seaside Holidays

Dorset Holiday!

Family holidays are some of the best memories I have. Here is my little sister and cousin on the beach in Charmouth. Lets hope we get some of that wonderful sunshine this year.

These street lamps are all over Lyme Regis and are so pretty with the shell pattern, they remind me of fossils. As kids my Uncle was always taking us fossil hunting and Dorset is the perfect place to bag yourself a dinosaur!

We found this gorgeous house that looked like it should have a family of dolls living inside. After a lovely explore of the seaside town we enjoyed an afternoon tea...had to be done!

 My cousin found this little fella on the beach...unfortunately he was a little bit on the dead side!

Never one to miss a photograph opportunity, these beach huts look so lovely with their pastel doors. 

So, that was my Magic Moment


  1. What a fab #magicmoment jade, i love this type of holiday. Its a shame the little crab was dead :-(

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments xx

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