Monday, 15 April 2013

Magic Moments - Our first Home!

Joe and I moved in together only 5months after we started 'going out'. This was mainly down to us living 2hours away from each other and it being so hard constantly driving back and forth each weekend. I loved him and he loved me and we really were ready for it. It was a huge step for Joe moving down to Northampton to be with me but 4years in he calls it his home and has settled nicely with some good friends and a good job. 

Our first home. Clean, Tidy and New!

My magic moment this week is standing on our balcony in our first home with Joe's arms around me and a smile on my face. Neither of us went to university so this was our first experience of living away from our parents. We had a lot to learn and hit a few bumps along the way but we had our own space and we were finally growing up!

The view from our balcony
The reason for this magic moment is that since Ted has come along I have been so desperate to move into a new house. The one were currently renting is cheap but in desperate need of some TLC by the landlord. However, we have decided to wait until the rental prices drop to find a new home and make this one as nice as we can in the meantime. 

Cooking one of our first meals in the new flat!

This was my #MagicMoment with the lovely Jaime at The Olivers Madhouse!

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  1. awww this is lovely Jade! i remember this fantastic feeling well!! thanks for linking up with #magicmoments xx


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