Monday, 1 April 2013

Gumigem Teething Necklace parents its a dreaded time. Grouchy babies, sleepless nights, dribble everywhere not to mention the constant chewing of everything!! Gumigem are here to help, combining teething and style to create the ultimate trend in practical jewellery.

These soft, washable, flexible, chewable, non toxic silicone items of jewellery are perfect for teething babies and a beautiful accessory for Mums (or Dads!).
Ted is constantly pulling at my necklace and I am always worried he is going to break it. That, combined with how much he chews on my hands, my clothing and anything he can get his hands on meant the Gumigem necklace was the perfect solution.
Miller Heart Pendant - The Zebula
Miller Heart Pendant

I have a Miller Heart Pendant which goes really well with most outfits, but there are so many different designs and colours including dog tags for men so no excuse for Daddy to miss out on the dribbly fun!

They even make Hoody Chubes which go onto the cords of your hoody and baby can chew on them instead of the cord...we have had many a soggy cord over the past few weeks!!
Hoody Chubes
Hoody Chubes
Compared to other teethers on the market these are slightly more expensive but as an item of jewellery as well they are well worth the money. I only had one problem and that was making sure it was sterilised as with it being around my neck it did get a bit fluffy, but by just dunking it in boiling water before I gave it to Ted I resolved that issue! 

Ted and our Gumigem Necklace

They also have bangles, accessories and bespoke designs so if there is something your after but can't see the design you want, just drop them an email and they will put a design together for you.

Gumigem also have a great blog which has some lovely reviews, so if you don't want to just take my word for it you can see how other families got on with their little ones!

I would like to share this review with all the lovely Mummies and Daddies out there with a little bit of help from the lovely Victoria at VeViVos and PoCoLo!

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  1. My goodness what an amazing idea - chewable jewellery! What will they think of next!

  2. these look fab! i so wish i had one of these when Joshua was teething x

  3. What a fantastic idea :), I love the innovation ;). I will definitely be looking at these if/when we have a baby. A great idea to link up to PoCoLo with this - thank you for all your valued support :) xx


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