Thursday, 25 April 2013

30 Ways to Save Money

 Here are my 30 Ways to Save Money as challenged by Money Supermarket

1. Turn newspapers or wrapping paper into jewellery. You can make bracelets from paper rolled into beads.

2. Cut large baby muslin squares in half and save on having to buy more.

3. Use old clothes as dusters for housework, old socks are great just pop it on your hand and dust away!

4. Use old jars and tins for storage in the garage. Formula milk tins make great storage for all those screws and hooks.

5. You can also turn a formula milk tin into a lovely money jar, just paint it and pop a whole in the lid big enough for money to fit in.

6. Make your own cards for birthdays, they cost a fortune in the shop and with a bit of glue, paint and glitter and perhaps a couple of hands and feet you can make a wonderful card for next to nothing.

7. Ran out of washing up liquid? Unscrew the lid and pour in some water. Put that in with the washing up and you should have enough soap for another load.

8. Mix a bright coloured paint tester pot with some old white paint from the garage to get a nice pastel shade and you wont have to pay a fortune for a whole tin of new paint!

9. Don't throw away over ripe fruit cook it up and make a crumble!

10. Check the clearance sections in supermarkets. Theres often some great bargains.

11. If you buy food that goes out of date on the same day it is usually reduced so buy meat and freeze it. But be careful to eat it on the same day of defrosting and remember food safety.

12. Keep things like lollypop sticks for the kids to use for crafts. Lollypop sticks cost a fortune in craft stores when they can be used for free at home!

13. Set up your own photo studio for the day. Get out your camera and some nice props and take some pictures of the kids. Prints cost pennies online or at photo stores and you dont need to spend hundreds to photography studios. Natural pictures are so much nicer!

Ted's photo shoot

14. Make sock puppets from old socks, it keeps the children entertained and is a great use for all those odd socks the washing machine leaves behind!

15. Personalise plain babygrows with fabric paint for gifts. 

Mothers Day Babygrow

16. Sell things you don't use. I recently sold a really old broken laptop that was under the bed for £30! Remember one mans junk is another mans treasure!

17. Always check out charity shops, there is nothing wrong with them and you can often find a great bargain and save a lot of pennies!

18. Make fancy dress costumes out of things you have around the house.

Ted's Ewok costume

19. Buy frozen veg, it lasts longer and the freezing process traps all the nutrients. You wont have to throw out unused wilted spinach again!

20. Swap toys with friends, if your friends children have toys they dont like then yours may love them and vice versa. Free Toys!

21. Ask friends and family to let you know if they are getting rid of furniture when you move house, you would be surprised what people have cluttering their house and we have saved hundreds of pounds by being given things for our new home.

22. Always use your leftovers where possible, if its for the next days dinner or lunch or frozen to use another day.

23. Check out free sites like Freecycle or Freegle for items people are giving away. Yesterday I gave someone a clothes airer that we didn't use anymore because hers had broken, she would have had to spend about £10 buying a new one!

24. Make your own party decorations! My friend is making her own flower displays for her wedding and saving hundreds of pounds!

25.Make tshirts for gigs instead of buying expensive ones at the venue, nobody else will have the same!

Big Gig Tshirt

26. Turn babygrows into cute leg warmers for your little one, just cut off the legs when they get too small and hey presto instant leg warmers for the winter!

27. Look out for baby events in supermarkets. They often hold week long sales with reductions on hundreds of baby items across the store.

28. Wash out old jars and once sterilised use them to store home made jams and chutneys.

29. When going out for the day take a picnic, it saves so much money that would often be spent in overpriced cafe's and restaurants.

30. Make your foundation go further by mixing it with a little moisturiser before applying to your skin.

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  1. In these hard and trying times, swapping not shopping is the way to live by. You get new things you want for free!


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