Tuesday, 26 March 2013

We want to be Toadstool Toy Reviewers!

The wonderful website The Toadstool are offering the opportunity to become Toadstool toy reviewers!

We would absolutely love to become Toadstool toy reviewers, their toys are quirky and unique, We would really like the opportunity to review them and share our adventures with you! 

We promise to share lots of wonderful stories and share pictures of our fun with The Toadstool products that include clutching toys, pulling toys, building bricks, cuddly toys, educational toys...toys that rattle and toys that ROAAAARRR!!!

Please comment your support below and help me share the Toadstool love! :)


  1. I think you'd make a fabulous reviewer. You are very creative and I'm sure you'd come up with some fabulous ideas to review The Toadstool toys with your baby boy! Good luck xxx

  2. Good luck - I would love to read your reviews x

  3. Sorry I've been so useless Jade!! I really think that your family would make great reviewers for Toadstool :)) x


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