Saturday, 23 March 2013

Slip of the tongue...

This is just a little bit of fun...

Yesterday my little man was having the usual grumpy half hour we get just before his feed, I'm sure lots of you know it, the 30mins where you know they're hungry but aren't quite due that feed and you can't give in because its only been 2.5 or 3 hours and they need to last 4.....bla bla bla!

But anyway, he was super grizzly and me in my loveliest mummy voice came out with...

 "Oh Ted! Stop being a Winge-y Minge-y!"

The second it came out I realised what I had said, took one look at my mum and brother and cracked up laughing! Definitely a slip of the tongue!

Now its your turn! Share the love and make me smile with your slip ups!


  1. lol this is a fun post :)

    Today, I saw my little girl pushing the power button of my laptop in the middle of uploading video on youtube...

    Me: Oh my god! Livi!!!
    Livi: (shouted) Oh my god! Mummy! Very very GOD!!!


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