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Money Supermarket - Passion for Fashion - Style for under £200

I have been challenged by Money Supermarket to create 3 unique looks for under £200! Being new parents all of our money is spent on milk, nappies, wipes and baby clothes, leaving not a lot of money left to feed and clothe ourselves! I spend hours trawling Money Supermarket's deals pages for thrifty tips and voucher codes to save some pennies!

One thing I have really missed since falling pregnant is clothes! With a huge bump to dress I found clothes shopping as a pregnant lady so frustrating, all the latest styles weren't tailored to fit a bump and I often found myself resorting to leggings and long vests as they fitted and showed off my lovely tummy!

Now little man is here I should feel more excited about clothes and in a lot of ways I am but now I face more difficult problem of having no money to buy them! I long to be able to buy those perfect jeans or a pretty new dress for the spring. I have always been a thrifty shopper and most of my clothes are from sale rails or charity shops! I was brought up in hand me downs and charity shop finds but was always wearing labels like GAP, Next and Abercrombie & Fitch and this was all down to my mum and her keen eye for a bargain! Which I am proud to say was passed down to me!

So here we go, my 'thrifty mum' take on fashion on a budget!

Holiday Style for under £200...

When I think of holidays I think summer and when I think of summer there is one word that pops up...Festivals! Here is my festival look for well under £200!

  • 3/4 White Top
£13.91 -

A staple for any summer wardrobe and a perfect colour to hide any baby spit ups!

  • Even Odd Floral Mini Skirt
£25.18 -

Pretty floral skirt to remind you that your a woman and not just a mum!

  • Deena Ozzy Pink Backpack 

A big backpack to carry all your baby things and a few festival necessities.

  • 2b Straw Hat

A straw trilby to protect your face from the sun and prevent those dreaded wrinkles!!!

and favourite! Wellies! No festival outfit is complete without them and at £19.20 these are an absolute bargain and the prettiest wellingtons I have ever seen!

 Total Cost - £98.87

Casual Look for under £200

Being a stay at home mum, most days are casual wear days! There is nothing more I love than lazy days in with my baby and a nice cup of tea but it is always important to look good even when dressing down. Here is a super cheap Money Saving casual look for under £20 let alone £200!! (see if you can spot the text from Harry Potter in the background...its about Dobby...the House Elf!) 

  • Grey Woolrich Socks

Infused with Aloe Vera these gorgeous socks take care of tired feet.

  • Hearts and Stars Onesie
£9.99 -

A huge bargain and so perfect for lazy days at home with the baby!

Total Cost - £16.61

and finally...

Party Wear for under £200

  • Rare London Short Cocktail Dress
£15.25 -

The perfect LBD for any mum, covers up any left over baby belly and those dreaded bingo wings and leaves you looking beautiful and classy!

  • Platform Wedge Sandals
£5.00 -

If like me you struggle to wear heels after having not worn them for 9months these wedges are a great way to ease yourself back in  with ankle straps for added support.

  • H&M Rings
£6.00 -

At that price these rings are a bargain and add sparkle to your party style!

  • River Island Earrings
£1.50 -

River Island are practically giving these earrings away and they complete this party look perfectly!

Total Cost - £27.75

So there you have it, 3 unique styles each coming in at well less than £200 for all 3! As the challenge was to spend under £200 for each outfit, I believe my mission is complete!

Late for Reality 1 - 0 Designer Brands

This just goes to show with a little bit of internet browsing and savvy shopping you can still look great for less! Don't be afraid to buy from the sales and charity shops have some great second hand bargains that cost pennies!

Here are some of my fashion bargains!

This blog was created by Late for Reality as part of the Money Supermarket #PassionforFashion competition

I would also like to share this blog for other bloggers out there to get some thrifty tips :) so this is me spreading the PoCoLo love! 

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  1. Excellent thrifty fashion finds! It's nice to know that it doesn't have to cost a fortune to look and feel fabulous. I love your take on this challenge and love that you have come up with so many bargains from across the internet. I'll definitely be checking a few of those sites out :)

  2. Have just popped over from A Hell of a Woman and oh my goodness, I LOVE your sets! They are gorgeous! I'm guessing it was just getting the right size that was a bit of a hassle but honestly, they sit really well in here.

    1. Thank you, yes it was just the size of the images. Got it sorted in the end! :D

  3. Love those wedges!! And such a bargain, great post..

  4. Lovely summer outfit dont know whether we will ever get the weather to wear it though!

  5. What a great bunch of looks you have put together - I would happily wear any of those. I am always on the look out for a bargain. I have a great pair of heeled boots from Tesco which people always complement me on - they only cost me £5! Thank you so much for linking up with #PoCoLo :)

  6. If you're on Twitter please could you tweet me @vicwelton so I can publicise your post to spread the #pocolo x

  7. We love all these looks and honestly cannot pick which one we like more. Good luck, hun! We have also entered the competition so feel free to check it out when you have time :)


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