Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Halloween is on its way!!!

Its that time again! My favourite time of the year when all the festivities start! 

Kick starting it is Halloween! :) 

I always get super excited although being an adult there isn't much to do other than watch all the children enjoying trick or treating and heading to fancy dress parties but I do my best. 

I can's wait until next year when little man is here to dress up and in a few years we can take him trick or treating! Taking sweeties from strangers has never been so fun or acceptable!

It still amazes me that children don't get confused, we are constantly saying to them don't talk to strangers and especially if they offer you sweets, yet on one night of the year we think nothing of letting them wander around in the dark with people walking around in disguise, knocking on any weirdo's door and eating whatever sweet treats they are willing to share!

Anyway, that's what its all about! Now, most people who know me will be able to tell you that I am a little bit of a child when it comes to dressing up. Any excuse to crack out the face paints or don my latest home made costume, I'm there!

Being pregnant hasn't put a stop to it either as I dug out the paints to make sure little Ted was not missing out on the action...

Next on the agenda is my nails, I am always painting my nails when boredom sets in and being on maternity leave I am sure this will become a regular occurrence. See below my Bride of Frankenstein nails.

Top Tip - Using a needle, tooth pick or an old Biro and dipping into a small amount of varnish poured onto a bit of card is an easy way to create intricate designs without spending a fortune on nail art pens! 

I have already started thinking about my next design and may experiment with Zombie nails! I have seen a great recipe for glow in the dark nail polish which I may attempt at the weekend! http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/diy-glow-in-the-dark-nail-polish 

I am attending a Halloween party at a friends house which has become a bit of a tradition, consisting of pumpkin carving contests, a quiz and lots of yummy food. I am going to attempt some sort of pumpkin pie or cupcakes and maybe my signature GingerDeadmen which went down well at work last year! I will be sure to post pictures!

Looking back at old pictures here is some of the spooky antics from previous years!

Hope you all have fun preparing for Halloween!

Over and out!

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