Sunday, 17 June 2012

Late for more than Reality

Hello BlogJockeys!

So, as you can see below I am expecting! I am currently 13weeks pregnant and a first time Mum.

I decided I wanted to keep a diary of letters for my baby to read when it is old enough so that they know all the wonderful things that happened while it was developing! I will be posting some of these letters, which I have adapted slightly so that the baby still has some personal bits to read and hopefully you will all enjoy reading them.

I hope to be able to give a fresh and frank break down of my pregnancy as I know how difficult it is to find information online that you can really relate to.

Starting with food! What to eat, what not to eat...bla bla bla!

Now for me, after much research the main things I am avoiding is raw eggs, meat and fish. Blue Cheese and Brie. Of course obvious one and any food that could put me at risk of food poisoning. If there is anything I have missed (baby brain) I will update later.

Nerves and Worries

Having found out that one of my friends is also expecting a little bundle of loveliness, I have began to realise that all the worries I have as a first time mum, she has too! That horrible time between finding out your pregnant and getting your first scan is nerve wracking to say the least! Until symptoms kick in there is nothing to reassure you that your test was correct and there is a little baby in there. Even my first midwife appointment, she didn't feel my tummy or do any checks as far as the baby was concerned, it was all blood tests and checking blood pressure. I was weighed and all my family history notes were taken.

I found those few weeks dragged and I was constantly online checking when I would be getting symptoms, reading up what signs I could watch out for. However, as I told my friend, this is something that most women feel and there is, in most cases, nothing to worry about.

Taking care of Mum and Bump

I highly recommend all first time mums start taking folic acid the day they get a positive pregnancy test, I left mine a couple of days until the doctors could confirm the test was right and was told I should have already started them! I got Mum and Bump tablets from Sainsbury's which were cheaper than most brands but included all the vitamins and minerals needed to keep baby healthy! 

Right...I think that's enough for now, I will post again soon and tell you all about the wonders of Morning Sickness, Overactive Noses and you can find out how I got on with my first's a sneak preview!

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