Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Late for Blogging...

Hi Blog Jockeys!

Just to let you know...I hadn't died from choking on a chip....I hadn't become another victim of Dexter Morgan(cause he loves me) and no i most definately have not given up on blogging....just a little behind and had a lot to contend with recently. last things are looking up! I have discovered that I can overcome everything and that people I care about have a lot of faith with me and have dragged me back from the dark side! (even if they did have cookies...the baskets)!!

So...Reasons I have to be happy...Ive made some new friends....I have a new job which I start in a few weeks and Im finding ways to enjoy life to the max...and on the cheap! hehe!

I love where my head is right now and I love being able to have things to look forward to, other than TV shows....

I hope to get back into my blog but finding time to sit with just me and my mini (HP) is hard to come by...but I shall do my bestest....
 "Better a Diamond with a flaw than a Pebble without...."

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