Sunday, 27 March 2011

Movie Meme - Week 5

So here I am...a total Newbie to Metal Mummy's Movie Memes! Looks like Ive chosen a great week to join in! Favourite Actor!

Of course the first to go through my head were the beautiful likes of Channing Tatum, Chad Michael Murray and Josh Hartnett but me being me...totally unpredictable! 

My Favourite Actor has to be the wonderful Michael C Hall! 
 Although I was never a fan of American TV Drama Six Feet Under, my love for this amazing man began when I was introduced to a sinister television series called Dexter. 
The show turned out to be an absolute favourite of mine and a fair few people now share my love!
For his work on Dexter, Hall has been nominated for three more Emmy Awards for his Lead role 3 years in a row!
He won the 2007 Television Critics Award for Individual Achievement in Drama, nominated for a Golden Globe for Best performance in a TV drama by an actor in 2007, and again in 2008 and 2010.

Season 6 is expected to premiere in September 2011!!!

Other than Dexter, the wonderful Mr Hall has starred in Gamer alongside Gerrard Butler ( Also Wonderful!) in which he played a crazed computer tycoon who creates a world in which computer games can be played using real people. Its a must see movie and Michael is amazing as Ken Castle. Keep an ear out for him breaking into song part way through! Also...if you need an incentive to check out the movie.....Please see below! 


Unfortunately not all in Mr Hall's life is all blood spatter and computer technology. He was sadly announced to be undergoing treatment for cancer through 2010 and accepted his Golden Globe wearing a knitted hat to cover his hair loss from chemotherapy. 

The good news is he has now been given the all clear and is back at work filming the next series of Dexter. 

I hope you will love Michael C Hall as much as I do and will check out some of his work in the future!

Sweet Dreams Blog Heads!


  1. Awesome choice! Thanks for taking part!

    I Love Dexter. He is very phwoar!

    Hope to see you again this week! x

  2. I loved reading your blog Jade. I missed the first series of Dexter (didn't realize how gorgeous he was) but if it is ever repeated I know without a doubt that I will watch it.


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