Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Laugh a Week, Makes Mondays Less Bleak!

OK so I was thinking...I will try and post at least one funny thing that has happened to me this week. That way if by Monday I'm feeling rubbish about the week ahead I can have a laugh about what happened the week before! 

I would like to invite anyone who hates Mondays to join me in this!

Just Title your blog...A Laugh a Week, Makes Mondays Less Bleak! and don't forget to tag me in your blog so i can read your hilarious stories!

Right...Here's mine...

I was at the Chippy ordering food for our group of 20 Brownies as a special treat, i had one of our young helpers with me who had come along to help me carry the food. We ordered the food from the little Chinese man in the shop and he gave it to us nicely packaged in a cardboard box and 2 bags.

I automatically took the box knowing that I was the strongest and proceeded to walk back to the car, young helper in tow. 
I was half way across the car park when a gust of wind lifted the paper covering the food up and straight into my face! 

So here I was with a greasy sheet of chip paper in my face and no matter how much I blew, I could not get it to go down, It wasn't until my helper came to my rescue and pulled the paper off my face that I could see again! 

We both were in fits of giggles on the way back to the car and luckily for the Brownies I held my composure and the chips stayed in their box. As for the sausages....they were Battered! :) 

Lets see if you can do better?!?!?!?

Sweet Dreams Blog Heads!

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