Sunday, 2 January 2011

Cheaters and not of the speedy variety...

I am more and more amazed at what lengths people will go to to win competitions.

I have recently entered a competition with Isklar. 

The competition was to submit a festive picture of yourself... fine...uploaded a picture, all good :)

I then noticed something iffy about the picture that was in the lead...the girls head didnt quite match herbody and on further investigation I found a picture on google identicle to hers only with a different face. 

Not one to sit back and not say anything i posted the picture to the page and merely pointed out that this was against the terms and conditions and was backed up by a few people who had noticed the issue as well.

So then a war was unleashed by the girl and what seems to be her friend, who had decided that rather than backing down and admitting they were wrong, caused a scene and started going on and on about how I was just jealous and that she got the votes fair and quare.

I am amazed at how rude some people can be to complete strangers...

Only time will tell if the company allows the picture to be entered...I have experienced the dark side of comping and it is a lie...they do not have cookies!

Speaking of the dark side...what do people think of my entry to win a Galaxy Tab? 

Fingers crossed!

Night Night You Cheeky Bloggers! :)


  1. Well said Jade...whenever prizes are at stake people get ugly :( Just comp with integrity and believe that good will triumph!!

  2. Had a look at the pic and it made me laugh because the prize said why do you deserve a makeover? Must really need one if she can't even use her own body... x

  3. thanks for following me guys :) hoping to get at least 20 followers this year...maybe i need to get my thinking cap on :)


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