Monday, 25 October 2010

Winter Rolls In...

...Seriously, where has it come from! It is so cold! 

Im sat here thinking about my family being on the beach in Tenerife right now! Oh what I would give to be sunning it up, drinking exotic drinks and watching pepperami old ladies walking along the beach! 

Ah how nice it would be to escape the constant coldness and the fear of putting the heating on only to be robbed for ten million dollars just to use the radiators....and yes that is a slight exaggeration but...I dont care im COLD!

So, Im prepping myself to clear away all my gorgeous summer dresses, sandals and surf shorts and replace them with sweaters, thick tights and ugg boots! I just can't bring myself to say goodbye for months and months! Goodbye Beautiful Clothes, see you next Summer :(

Im definately a summer person, who wants to be cold all the time...not me nope nope nope!

This mood of mine may slightly have been brought on by the fact I watched 10 episodes of True Blood Season 3 this weekend, as scummy as Bon Temps looks, and as Vampy, it still always seems to be me thinking...does Bon Temps exist? 

In researching my query, as you do....I came across this 

Bon Temps Drive, Lafayette, LA, United States

I believe that could be where the characters name comes from. Also Bon Temps is French for "Let the Good Times Roll"
(So there you have it my useless fact for the day!)

Its either always warm there or  its the Glamourous (hehe vampire joke) Vampires that make everyone all a bit hot under the collar lol

Right im off, must venture out into the crisp autumn air for some supplies...

...Wish me Luck!

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